The Compass of Trembling (Intentions Part 2)

I’ve been using the tool Year Compass to reflect on my 2020.

Shaping Change by Leaping (Intentions Part 1)

It’s the New Year™! Usually, I get very energized about new beginnings.

a tiny dance in stillness

I’ve been feeling tired, tender and irritable for the last several weeks, which has made it hard for me to write.

The Arts of Living and Dying in Damaged Bodies

Act 1: Fear and Trembling I finished a 6 week course on Gender Equity and Reconciliation (GERI) last week.

Carrier bag of gatherings

Happenings weave together in curious gatherings. Today, I unpacked Kenny’s Rom a little further and stumbled upon this essay from Ursula Le Guin called “The Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction.

Cracking open

It’s March 2018: I have arrived in Tepoztlán after a trafficked three-hour drive out from Mexico City and I’m buzzing with nervous anticipation.

the mess of it all

This journal is proving to be a very effective container for gathering threads.

Becoming Strange Attractor

According to Wikipedia, a strange attractor is “a value toward which a system tends to evolve, for a wide variety of starting conditions of the system.

Under Pressure

I was carried by Kenny’s Room on my run today – a mixtape created and shared by one of the participants in Bayo Akomolafe’s We Will Dance With Mountains.

Collective Presencing

The beating pulse of my last six weeks has been the Embodied Book Club at the Stoa, where a group of us have been reading Ria Baeck’s Collective Presencing book.