The Lighting of Fugitive Souls

In these fluid times, the soul has changed location: it is neither within…where our religious traditions mostly situated it nor without, among the wondrous and presumably determined order of the material world, where the natural philosophers hid it.

loosening my fingers around abundance

I’m in a love affair with life right now and she’s giving me an abundance to muse upon.

The Second Cycle

There are embers of fire warming my belly again. I welcome this fire after giving myself a couple of winter months of rest and patience.

An Ode to Pleasure

The muse of Pleasure is dancing around me. There has been precious synchronicity with how it’s been unravelling and reweaving me in this Self-Directed Masters, so I will unpack it slowly and indulgently – allow this pleasure to suffuse my life and relationships, and deepen into an ethos guiding personal and systems transformation.

The Sympoiesis of Life Life-ing

I’ve been on a documentary kick lately, watching films from “The Symbiotic Earth” about the biologist Lynn Margulis, “Storytelling for Earthly Survival” about Donna Haraway, Nora Bateson’s “An Ecology of the Mind” about her father, Gregory Bateson, and “Infinite Potential” about David Bohm.

rebuilding the slave ship

- The Bones We meet three times. We were invited to the Bakhita Project.

The Compass of Trembling (Intentions Part 2)

I’ve been using the tool Year Compass to reflect on my 2020.

Shaping Change by Leaping (Intentions Part 1)

It’s the New Year™! Usually, I get very energized about new beginnings.

a tiny dance in stillness

I’ve been feeling tired, tender and irritable for the last several weeks, which has made it hard for me to write.

The Arts of Living and Dying in Damaged Bodies

Act 1: Fear and Trembling  I finished a 6 week course on Gender Equity and Reconciliation (GERI) last week.