frequencies of wholeness

“People are deeply nourished by the process of creating wholeness.

Harmonizing the Body Electric

At Willow Monastic Academy, I lead chanting every day. My voice begins to break, cracking from the effort.

Before Completion, Stillness

My gaze often returns to the willow tree in the backyard of the Willow Monastic Academy.

The summer teachers

Following this loose, unfurling structure of a self(soul)-directed masters, I’ve given myself a “summer break” by tasting the sun-soaked madeleine of school-age youth, the familiar stretch and restless boredom of it.

a spider’s weaving

When she crawls under her bed, she finds a dusty sticker collection and an ancient well.

Fragments of Whole Time

“April is the cruellest month, breeding Lilacs out of the dead land, mixing

The Strange Soulfulness of Presence

Disclaimer: It was the worm moon over the weekend, and as per usual, I notice the lunar cycles tracking with the “too-muchness” of the intensity I’ve been holding – the subtlety of which seems to be diminished by words in ways that feel both profound and vaguely irritating.

Making and Leaving the Sanctuary

“What remains of the dream of human autonomy once the subject has experienced itself as a penetrable hollow body?

Alien Mutation

I feel weird right now. I’ve been bouncing between different frequencies of vibrational intensity, that shake and move me.

the soul

“It is as if consciousness rests upon a self-sustaining and imagining substrate – an inner place or deeper person or ongoing presence – that is simply there even when all our subjectivity, ego, and consciousness go into eclipse.